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Restaurant Payroll Service

Take your Restaurant Payroll to a new level with a service that will make you smile.

Spend less time updating spreadsheets and employee data, and spend MORE time growing your restaurant. 

Simplify the restaurant payroll experience.

You shouldn’t worry about having to run payroll. We make that a simplified process. 

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POS Integration

We setup all new employees for you by integrating with your POS.

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Verify Your Numbers

On Payroll day, simply check that the numbers are correct and send us any corrections.

Fast Payment

Get paid by check, direct deposit, or paycard. We pay your taxes and send a copy to you.

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Email Documents

We email all reports to you. Want to send your employees a check stub copy? We do that too!

Payroll Processing Day

The restaurant payroll experience has been one of frustration for many companies.

We aim to reduce the frustration that can come along with it. 

Our Payroll PreEdit report breaks down several factors for you:

  • Automatic Overtime Calculations
  • Automatic Minimum Wage Calculations (TIP2MIN)
  • Showing hours worked less than 1 (TIME?)
  • Employee breakdowns by position, hours, tips, and amount
  • Totals broken down by job codes
"We operate 5 stores and Wednesday used to take all day to process payroll. Now I spend two hours at most on payroll."
Stacey Bullock
Office Staff


Data for Tip Income/Allocated
Data for FICA/Medicare
Data for WOTC Reporting

Multi-Store Capable

Multi-Job Employees
Multi-State Employees
Split Tax Calculations

Benefit Accrual

Food Allowance
Auto Allowances
Vacation Time
Sick Time

Tip Calculations

Tip Credit Reports
Tip Pool Sharing
One Job Code on Specific Days