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Restaurant Accounting Services

Solutions built for the restaurant industry on the back of an Enterprise Resource Planning application.

Restaurant Accounting Services

Fianancial Accounting

Easily monitor the health of your company with daily, weekly, and monthly sales and expense reports.

Financial Reconciliation

Never worry about missing a transaction. We reconcile with all your financial accounts and match them with your general ledger.

Line Item Invoicing

Get detailed information from your invoices so you can keep track of your spending and inventory.


Establish budgets on multiple areas of your business, either per restaurant, per day, or consolidated for a company-wide view.

Fixed Assets

Navrae offers you multiple ways to track your fixed assets across your company and across insurance coverages.

General Ledger

Get an in-depth overview of your accounts, search for invoices by a plethora of options, and view the invoice on screen.

Financial Accounting

With Navrae’s daily accounting transactions and 24/7 accessible reports, you can easily monitor the health of your business and provide valuable information for decision-makers.

Navrae’s financial accounting capabilities:

  • Provide daily, weekly, and monthly sales and expense reports
  • Allow you to generate multiple restaurant incomes and budget comparisons
  • Consolidate all your restaurants into one report
  • Allocate corporate costs across your restaurants.
Man completing financial accounting paperwork for his restaurant
Man completing restaurant accounting paperwork

Financial Reconciliation

With financial reconciliation, never worry about missing a transaction again.

Navrae performs daily reconciliations with the following transactions:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Positive Pay
  • ACH Transactions
  • Bank(s)
  • Credit Card(s)

We match up these entries on your general ledger and notify you if there is an irregularity.

This is also a great way to catch double billing which saves you a lot of cash throughout the year on time spent tracking down overages or shortages.

Line Item Invoicing

An add on service, let Navrae show you greater details on your spending to see precisely where your money is going and track it against previous purchases.

Getting a control on your inventory is a great way to track and save money so you can apply those funds towards upgrades, expansions, or whatever else you might need.

restaurant accounting services
Man doing restaurant accounting budgeting


Establish budgets for dollars or statistics at an individual-restaurant per-day level with the ability to consolidate them for a company-wide view.

Navrae’s online portal allows you to create, view, and edit multiple Excel spreadsheets all at once to prepare your budgets.

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Fixed Assets

Through the use of depreciation books, you have visibility of asset acquisitions, depreciation, write-downs, and disposals. For shared fixed assets, Navrae can process allocations of fixed asset transactions across multiple restaurants.

Track insurance coverage and annual insurance premiums for your fixed assets and easily determine if your assets are under-insured or over-insured. Navrae also allows you to attach each asset to one or more insurance policies and index insurance amounts.

Record maintenance and service expenses for each fixed asset. Get the detailed information you need to analyze and make decisions about the renewal and disposal of fixed assets.

fixed assets restaurant accounting services

General Ledger

This service is an in-depth overview of your accounts. We allow you the ability to add on specific categories that are beneficial to your business.

Search by invoice number, vendor, date, and other options to quickly find a document or expense.

We also allow you to view the invoice right there! No more shuffling around paper work or going to a different screen.