Invoice Management

Our Invoice Management Solution will keep your vendors happy and your workload light.

What's the Magic behind
Navrae's Invoice Management?

Our Invoice Management Process comes standard with our service.

Why pay a third-party service fee for an Invoice Management Process that YOU still have to manage?

How does our Invoice Management Process work?

  1. We work with your vendor to have invoices emailed to us directly.
    • Not all vendors have that capability, so you may have to scan some.
  2. Use our online portal to pay the vendors.

Two simple steps, that's it!

What happens behind the scenes is where our magic happens.

  1. The Vendor is automatically set to the correct billing and invoice processes.
  2. Our automated invoice management software will pull the data needed from the invoice.
  3. Navrae's highly trained accounts payable department verifies the data is correct and posts the Invoice against the correct G/L accounts.
  4. The invoice copy is associated with the Vendor so you can always view/review it.
  5. We reconcile the payment against your bank statement automatically.

Automated Invoice Management

Make managing invoices manually a thing of the past.

Save hours of work without having to manually enter invoice data into Excel or other third-party applications.

Simply scan your invoice at your office or store and we will pull it into our system.

We capture all the relevant information from the invoice and post it to the Vendor.

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Accounts Payable

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Whether you are paying Cash On Delivery (COD) or with a credit card, we reconcile the payment against your bank statement and post it for you.

Are you paying by EFT, EDI, or you want a check issued? We can handle that too.

We provide access to your invoices through our portal, allowing you to:

  • Set payment dates
  • Flag an invoice for dispute
  • View a copy of your Invoice
  • Search for invoices by Vendor, Invoice No., etc.

We Reconcile Your Invoice Payments

All of your invoices are reconciled against your financial institutions and reflected on your Chart of Accounts.

Never worry about having to manually update a spreadsheet or import a file to get your reconciliation done. We handle all of that for you!

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Need to locate an invoice?

We made it easy for you to find any invoice that we have processed.

Simple log into our customer web portal and search for any invoice by:

  • Vendor

  • Date

  • Invoice Number

  • and More!

Line Item Detail

Need us to capture line item details?

Larger operations need the ability to drill into purchases to get a better overview of their operations.

Let us help you get that detail by capturing the line item details and posting the amounts for each to the G/L!

We can also split your transactions or invoices across multiple stores if you are purchasing from one account to cover multiple locations.

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