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Integrated Financial Automation and Bookkeeping combine as a winning team.

Combining the Right Tools
and the Right People

Improve your financial systems operation with Navrae's automated processes, managed by a dedicated team of professionals.

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Bookkeeping &
Financial Process Automation

Say YES to streamlining your financial systems and NO to manual tasks. Let us develop a customized solution to solve your specific needs today!


Bookkeeping Services

We help you achieve a near-real time financial overview of your business though our daily automated processes.


Financial Process Automation

We develop, build, and implement solutions designed to keep your business running smoothly.


Invoice Management

We utilize OCR software to extract data from your invoices and post to the G/L. We can also pay your vendors via check, EFT, or ACH.

Financial Process Automation

Cashier at the POS

Finance automation uses the latest tech to automate financial operations.

We utilize several different automation pieces such as:

  1. Document Automation
  2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  3. OCR for Invoice capture

*Some customized solutions are billed at an hourly rate and depend on the scope and time involved.

Online Bookkeeping Services


Our efficient online bookkeeping service eliminates the need for you to do extensive work.

We establish a direct connection with your POS or web-based system to retrieve sales and statistical data every night.

You can receive all the reports you require either via email or by downloading them from our customer portal whenever you need them!

Invoice Management

Paper can be lost or thrown away.

Upload your invoices instead!

All you have to do is scan the invoice and we handle the rest:

  • Stored as a pdf
  • Data is extracted and posted to G/L
  • Pay by check, EFT, or ACH
Paying for order
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