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Navrae has partnered with Valiant Solutions, Inc. to provide a payroll solution as a managed service for you! 

Who is Valiant? 

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Valiant is a continually growing, payroll company that has been solely focused on the hospitality and restaurant business since launching in 2011. They know the industry better than any payroll company. Some of their clients include: 

  • Tao Group 
  • Carmines
  • Nobu Restaurant Group 
  • Brother Jimmy’s BBQ 

Valiant provides top-notch compliance. 

The U.S. Department of Labor pays close attention to employment issues related to tips as a component of employee compensation. Valiant provides solutions to ensure your business remains compliant.  

  • Purpose Built  – Designed and built to meet the unique needs of the restaurant operating leaders; one size does not fit all, so why isn’t your payroll solution customized to your needs? 
  • FICA Tip Credit – Did you know if you are paying your employees below the federal minimum wage, you can use a portion of their tips to bring it up to the federal standard and get credit for this? 
  • Meal Credits – Did you know if you give your employees on-premises meals during their workday, you can apply for a credit? 
  • WOTC – Did you know if you hire war veterans or reformed criminals, you qualify for credits from the government which translates into thousands of found money? 
  • ACA Reporting – Valiant makes sure you are in compliance with all ACA laws; protecting you from lawsuits. 
  • Credit Card Fee Credit – Credit card fees are not usually deducted from employees’ pay, so the employer bears the entire burden, unknowingly and unwillingly. We do these calculations for our clients, which translate into thousands of dollars! 
  • Proven – Over the past 25 years, hundreds of restaurants have chosen Valiant to pay accurately while staying compliant with labor regulations.  


What does the partnership between Navrae and Valiant Solutions, Inc. provide? 

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We have come across quite a few restaurant groups who use other payroll providers that: 

  • Are antiquated 
  • Have poor customer service 
  • Require too much time calling in changes 

Why work harder, spending more hours performing payroll adjustments, dealing with customer support, or spend a full day filing payroll? 

Like your back-office accounting work, we handle this as a service for you. 

That means you do not have to go through Valiant to get questions resolved, add or remove employees, or get your payroll approved.  

If you have an issue you deal directly with us, reducing the need for you to keep track of your points of contact. 


What work will I have to do? 

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There will still be minimal work for you to perform.  

We handle most of the dirty work; however, we will still need some information from you.  

If you’re not using a system like Talent Reef or other onboarding software, you will still have to manually add employees into our portal.  

This only includes new hires since we grab position, rates, and other minimal information from your POS. 

By doing this, we grab and update pay increases, positions, and store transfers.  

On payroll day, you review your file information to adjust for errors in time entry,  

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