About Navrae

Navrae provides growing businesses an affordable way to replace their current method of bookkeeping through Financial Automated Services.

Introducing Navrae

At our core, Navrae is dedicated to empowering businesses to thrive amidst a constantly evolving landscape.

Our mission is to reduce the pain points in your back office by utilizing a powerful suite of cloud-based technology through financial automated services.

With Navrae, you can quickly and easily gain valuable insights into your financials, all from a single source.

Gain a team of experts committed to helping you manage your bookkeeping operations, whether you have one location or many.

As you grow, you can rely on Navrae to eliminate the need for additional staff to manage new stores, giving you the ability to account for known costs.

Empty Cafe. Payroll Protection Program.

Our History

Navrae was founded with a clear objective: to streamline the back-office operations of restaurants and reduce the manual workload involved. Its founder, Don, has a background in both software development and bookkeeping with a focus on accounting, and over the years, he witnessed the struggles that the restaurant industry faced in managing various forms of data to generate accurate reports.

Drawing on his expertise, Don developed a solution to address this issue. After a year of development and testing, Navrae began offering bookkeeping services to a restaurant group in Florida with five locations, and the benefits were immediately apparent: Navrae reduced the workload by over half.

But Navrae didn't stop there. Recognizing the challenges faced by the restaurant industry in managing payroll, Navrae developed a restaurant-specific payroll system to streamline the process and reduce the burden of payroll for restaurants.

Today, Navrae is improving its services to include business outside of the restaurant industry, all while providing a high-level customer service that many big operations simply cannot provide.

Navrae remains committed to improving its services and technology stack to better serve its clients. New functionality is continuously implemented to enhance the efficiency of its cloud-based platform and team, enabling Navrae to provide even more value to its clients, while remaining true to our mission statement of reducing pain points for our customers.

Meet The Team

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Don Schwaderer

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Aaron Schwaderer


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